Shandong Xinjia Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.
Shandong xinjia energy equipment co., ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise with the largest scale and strong technical force in shandong, which integrates r&d, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of complete washing and dressing equipment f Shandong xinjia energy equipment co., ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise with the largest scale and strong technical force in shandong region, integrating r&d, manufacturing, installation and debugging of complete washing and coal preparation equipment, and leading the drafting of the local standard of complete washing and coal preparation equipment in shandong province. As the only "coal preparation equipment engineering research center" in zaozhuang city, the company owns more than 20 national patents, and undertakes many provincial and municipal scientific and technological plans, technological achievements transformation projects, and has won many national scientific and technological achievements innovation project certificates. Many projects independently developed by the company not only fill the gap in the domestic market, but also reach the international advanced level. In 2012, "xinjia" brand was identified as the only famous trademark of shandong province in the industry. Xinjia has registered capital of 56 million yuan, fixed assets of 22 million yuan and more than 220 employees, with annual sales of 146 million yuan in 2017.

Company independent research and development of the intelligent modular coal preparation plant project, the large high-frequency box-type synchronous vibrating screen, the large-scale intelligent pneumatic type flotation machine, the modular minimum dirty coal mixed coal washing and complete sets of equipment and the key technology research and development, all has passed the provincial technological appraisal, such as by experts agree that the project has reached the international advanced level of similar products or the domestic leading level, and was included in the current technology innovation promotion project in shandong province. These projects are the high-efficiency, energy-saving and environment-friendly products of washing and cleaning coal pioneered in China. Their success completely breaks the concept of layout of traditional coal washing equipment, which is a major revolution of coal washing industry and promotes the domestic coal cleaning industry to open a new chapter continuously.

The company's MKT series modular intelligent coal preparation equipment can be used for annual washing of raw coal quantity ranging from 15 to 4 million tons. This product has unique design process and integrated installation structure, saving about 50% of total investment compared with traditional process equipment, reducing washing and cleaning cost by about 60%, improving cleaned coal recovery rate by 3-5% and shortening plant construction period by 3/5. It can ensure the accuracy of washing and cleaning, as well as the closed cycle of washing water, without environmental pollution. The return on investment is significant, usually three months.

In 2007, the company China university of mining and mining machinery research institute jointly developed a DWX suspension type monomer hydraulic pillar products, and for the national key popularized during the period of the tenth five-year project of scientific and technological achievements, the product has more than 10 national invention and utility model patents, developed by China university of mining is straight push of a new generation of coal mine supporting products!

Now "xin jia" brand coal cleaning equipment and support equipment has been throughout the country. Shanxi, hebei, jiangsu, lu, henan, anhui, where you can see xinjia brand shine; Hubei, hunan (fujian, yun, GUI, chuan) are everywhere the bright pearl of "xinjia" brand. Under the turbulent situation of international economic storm, the brave and outstanding xinjia brave to fight, and also aimed at the sales of overseas, products have been selling well in Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, north Korea and other countries, and gradually expanded to Russia, the United States, Colombia.